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Brand: B&R Model: TS-140
Plastic coated grips easy to use.Spring loaded mechanism makes the Diagonal Cutting Pliers easier to control.Good for cutting wire, electronic feet, trimming plastic products, cut copper wire…etcWidely used in electronic repair, jewelry processing, model making and fishing...
Ex Tax:Rs.299
Brand: B&R Model: FX-9
B&R FX-9 0.01mm Ultra Fine Jumper Wire for Phone Motherboard BGA Fingerprint CPU Chip Solder Joint Repair Flying Line Copper WireSuitable for iPhone,Android,Samsung and smartphones micro soldering work .0.01mm motherboard jump wire phone cable fingerprint repair cable handset line.The wire is ma..
Ex Tax:Rs.279
Brand: B&R Model: UV-211
Products Details :B&R  Flux PasteType: UV211Volume: 10CCSafety Measures:Keep container tightly closedAvoid contact with skin and eyeswear suitable protective clothing and gloves.Packing Details :1 Pcs of B&R Uv211 Soldering Flux Paste..
Ex Tax:Rs.150
Brand: B&R Model: TW-130
Name: Mini Diagonal PliersModel: TW-130Size: 87X175mmFeatures: Bending forceps, sharp and lasting, blade antirust treatment, alloy steel, high temperature forgingEdge opening: 30mmDesign: Double spring design..
Ex Tax:Rs.299
Brand: B&R Model: BR X4301
IN 1 phone motherboard disassemble blade set, iPhone PCB BGA chip bruin Graver scraper for iPhone A8 A9 A10 A11 BGA Chip repair tool kit, it is used for CPU blade remove chip glue, Specialized iPhone repair tool for edge rubber glue blades.  Features:43 IN 1 new style iPhone iPad disassemble ch..
Ex Tax:Rs.450
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