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Brand: OSS TEAM Model: T210
Normal mode Connect the soldering station working te adjust the set temperature of the soldering station ;  clockwise rotation is the temperature increase , each rotation increases 5 degrees , counterclockwise rotation the temperature decrease , and each rotation decreases 5 degree : the temper..
Rs.4,000 Rs.4,799
Ex Tax:Rs.4,000
Brand: Sktelecom Model: SW-103
SW-103 5in1 High-Quality Motherboard BGA Chip CPU Glue Remove Tool Pry Knife IC Chip CPU Remover Glue CleanerFeatures:The blades are made of stainless steelMultiple Ultra-thin blades (0.7mm), capricious good, it can ease between the chip and the phone circuit board at the end, is not easy to lead of..
Rs.150 Rs.199
Ex Tax:Rs.150
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