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Soldering Iron Station

Brand: Sktelecom Model: HS-002
Soldering Iron Tips Specialized Replaceable Adapter for JBC T210-A Handle C210020 C210018 C210002 Copper MaterialNote: The original JBC C210 Tip not inlude. Thank you!!!Copper Material Soldering Iron Tips Specialized Replaceable Adapter for JBC T210-A Handle C210-020 C210-018 C210-002T-I, is suit fo..
Ex Tax:Rs.300
Brand: OSS TEAM Model: T12 Bit
Features: Good ability to control temperature,quick thermal conductivity,Make use of imported raw material-copper oxide, use special molding machine to processLong wroking life:  soldering joints, some sizes even can reach soldering jointsProduct surface use special material handling, tip ..
Ex Tax:Rs.250
Brand: Sktelecom Model: 25W-230V
The culmination of 30+ years of R&D, our flagship 25 Watt iron is the pinnacle of all purpose soldering applications, design and technology.It is with immense pride that we at Soldron can offer for purchase a product that is as far ahead of the competition. The 25 Watt SI25A has been throug..
Ex Tax:Rs.299
Brand: AIFEN Model: A5
Features:AIFEN-A5 is an intelligent soldering station compatible with C115/C210/245The handle has a dormant metal ring. When the handle is inserted into the stand, it will automatically enter sleep modeThe temperature of the soldering station is controlled by the chip program, and the heating speed ..
Ex Tax:Rs.3,399
Brand: AIFEN Model: AIFEN-A9 PRO
New features of A9 (2023 Edition):1. Use the brand-new wire control handle, which can control the temperature and switch through the handle2. The automatic dormancy handle bracket can adjust the angle freely3. Added silicone tip storage box, which can store 115/210/245 tip at the same timeProduct pa..
Ex Tax:Rs.5,999
Brand: B&R Model: FX-9
B&R FX-9 0.01mm Ultra Fine Jumper Wire for Phone Motherboard BGA Fingerprint CPU Chip Solder Joint Repair Flying Line Copper WireSuitable for iPhone,Android,Samsung and smartphones micro soldering work .0.01mm motherboard jump wire phone cable fingerprint repair cable handset line.The wire is ma..
Ex Tax:Rs.279
Brand: FONEKONG Model: FKHX-2
use a mobile repairing toolDiameter : 0.3mmFXHX-2tin(Sn): 63%lead(Pb): 37%Flux; 1.0-3.0%CI (Flux): <0.1%Expansion: 75% The Fine Quality solder WireSKU:     FKSOLWIRE    ..
Ex Tax:Rs.200
Brand: Sktelecom Model: JBC-115
JBC BIT C115101 / C115112 / C115118..
Rs.3,000 Rs.3,500
Ex Tax:Rs.3,000
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