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JC Pro1000S Tools

Brand: JC Pro Model: Rbox Bus
Specifications:ModelRBOXProduct NameRBOX Bus AnalyzerBrandJCIDColorBlueApplicable toiPhone/Android signal detection Features: JCID RBOX bus analyzer is a compact and convenient device for mobile phone signal failure points detection. It can detect and locate the failure points of signal ra..
Ex Tax:Rs.4,999
Brand: JC Pro Model: Romeo-2
JCID Romeo-2 Face ID Replacement Dot Matrix Repair Chip for iPhone 13 to 14 SeriesFeatures:1:1 pads, no adapter row requiredFactory balling, direct mountingNo need to manually short MOS tubes1 pin clearly labeled, easy to identifyNo need to polish, no trace repairSimple operation, one stepPackage in..
Ex Tax:Rs.1,799
Brand: JC Pro Model: JCID Tag-On Camera
Description:JCID rear camera tag-on repair FPC flex cable for iPhone 12-14 Pro Max rear camera repair, which solves iPhone rear camera code matching and pop-up issues caused by non-genuine iPhone rear cameras. JC iPhone wide angle camera repair FPC disassembly-free cable fixes iPhone camera without ..
Ex Tax:Rs.1,499
Brand: JC Pro Model: Rear Camera/LiDAR R&W
Specifications:Model13-14 Series Rear Camera/LiDAR R&W AdaptorProduct NameJCID 13-14 Series Rear Camera/LiDAR R&W AdaptorBrandJCIDColorGreenMatch withV1S Pro, V1SEUnmatchedV1S Features:JCD 13-14 series rear camera/LiDAR read and write adaptor enables rear camera repair of 13/ 13mini/ 13..
Ex Tax:Rs.1,599
Brand: JC Pro Model: XR-12PM Rear Camera Repair
Specifications:ModelXR-12PM Rear Camera Repair AdaptorProduct NameJCID XR-12PM Wide Angle Camera Repair AdaptorBrandJCIDColorGreenMatch withV1SPro, V1SEUnmatchedV1S Features:JCID XR-12PM wide angle camera repair panel is designed to solve the i4 bypass and pop-up window problems of iPhone XR/X/..
Ex Tax:Rs.1,599
Brand: JC Pro Model: X-14PM Face ID
Specifications:  Product NameX-14PM Face ID Activation/R&W Adaptor (No external power)BrandJCIDColorGreenMatch withV1S Pro, V1SEUnmatchedV1S  Features:  JCID X-14PM power free face ID repair adaptor is the world’s first face ID activation adaptor that doesn’t need e..
Ex Tax:Rs.2,699
Brand: JC Pro Model: V1S Pro
JCID V1S Pro Programmer for Phone Screen True Tone Face ID Battery RepairFeatures:Far ahead with the upgrade performance, two-in-one design, and more amazing experience will exceed your expectationsLeading NAND flash technology: "Zero" fault on the read & write and code checking, swift operation..
Rs.19,999 Rs.21,000
Ex Tax:Rs.19,999
Brand: JC Pro Model: V1SE
Specifications: ModelV1SEProduct NameMultifunction ProgrammerBrandJCIDColorBlueDimension15*10.8*3.5cmNet Weight175gMaterialPC110 Features: JCID V1SE programmer is a mobile phone code reading and writing programmer with large capacity. It's compatible with 9 adaptors, including screen ..
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Brand: JC Pro Model: VIS-BATTERY
Ex Tax:Rs.2,000
Brand: JC Pro Model: HS-089
Note: after repair, still not have TOUCH ID, only return key workNow you just need to replace the not working home button with final edition YF home button, it working with as original home button and bring all the function back except touch ID. Save you a lot time and money for home button repairUp..
Ex Tax:Rs.300
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