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Aixun S-Dock AWRT Recovery Adapter Restore Tool for iWatch S2 S1 S3 S4 S5 S6 Upgrade Test TOOL

1.iWatch S6 Driver Download Now

2.  iWatch flashing help document, must-see! ! !    Download Now

3.  JC Drawing/iWatch flashing tool- Simple version Download Now

JC Drawing(including data)-Complete version Download Now

Watch3,1_8.6_19T572_Restore.ipsw Download Now

Watch3,2_8.6_19T572_Restore.ipsw Download Now

Watch3,3_8.6_19T572_Restore.ipsw Download Now

Watch3,4_8.6_19T572_Restore.ipsw Download Now

Watch4,1_8.6_19T572_Restore.ipsw Download Now

Watch4,2_8.6_19T572_Restore.ipsw Download Now

Watch4,3_8.6_19T572_Restore.ipsw Download Now

Watch4,4_8.6_19T572_Restore.ipsw Download Now

Watch5,1_8.6_19T572_Restore.ipsw Download Now

Watch5,2_8.6_19T572_Restore.ipsw Download Now

Watch5,3_8.6_19T572_Restore.ipsw Download Now

Watch5,4_8.6_19T572_Restore.ipsw Download Now

Watch5,9_8.6_19T572_Restore.ipsw Download Now

Watch5,10_8.6_19T572_Restore.ipsw Download Now

Watch5,11_8.6_19T572_Restore.ipsw Download Now

Watch5,12_8.6_19T572_Restore.ipsw Download Now

Watch6,1_8.6_19T572_Restore.ipsw Download Now

Watch6,2_8.6_19T572_Restore.ipsw Download Now

Watch6,3_8.6_19T572_Restore.ipsw Download Now

Watch6,4_8.6_19T572_Restore.ipsw Download Now

4. iWatch latest firmware download(S1-S2 6.3 Extracting passwords:aixun8888) Download Now

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