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Brand: Sktelecom Model: HS-003
0.5X is a condensing glass with a working distance of 165mm.Increase the working distance, reduce the multiple, the multiple after use is *0.5Auxiliary stereoscopic microscope objective lens is the function extension for a stered microscope,The microscope magnification increased to meet the need of ..
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Brand: Sktelecom Model: HS-004
0.5X 1/2 Focus Adjustable C-mount Adapter for New Type for Am-scope Trinocular Stereo Microscope CTV 0.5/ (0.5X C mount adapter) is designed for Hayear's Camera.This CTV 0.5 adapter is best match with Hayear's CameraThese Cameras can get most clear and sharp image when working togethe..
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Brand: Sktelecom Model: HS-005
0.7X Barlow lens for SM series stereo microscopes, extending working distance and field view of the microscope and cutting magnification power by 0.7 times. Mounting size: 1-7/8" (48mm) in diameter.This lens uses a 48mm (1-7/8") mounting thread and goes with most stereo microscopes.Ideal for AmScope..
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Model: G1200
G1200 1-1200X Digital Microscope1-1200X G1200 Digital Microscope Electronic Video Microscope 7 Inch LCD Display 12MP Microscope..A 7-inch HD LCD screen G1200 microscope, the bracket can be rotated at any angle forward and backward to suit your needs, while the lens supports 1-1200X continuous zoom. ..
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Model: G600
G600 Microscope is the 1-600x 3.6MP USB Digital Electronic Microscope, Portable 8 LED VGA Microscope With 4.3" HD OLED Display, G600 Microscope system will offer crystal clear images of phone motherboard, it is the userful HD Digital Electronic Microscope for cell phone repair.Features:Light source'..
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Model: G600X
G600 600X electronic USB microscope digital soldering video microscope camera 4.3 inch lcd Endoscope magnifying Camera +LEDMain parameters:1: Pixel: HD 3 .6MP CCD2: Display: 4.3 inches HD OLED display.4: Magnification: 1-600X continuous magnification system.5: Object distance: 15mm-- infinity6: With..
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Model: M7050-P04
KAILIWEI M7050-P04 Gemological Microscope Trinocular Synchronous Zoom Microscope Used For Semiconductor Maintenance WorkFeatures:7X-50X zoom magnification power with crisp sharp imagesWidefield of view* Sturdy all-metal pillar standHigh resolution with great flatness and contrast, giving sharp and c..
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Brand: KAISI Model: Kaisi Ture L 40
Kaisi Ture L 40 Light Beads Anti-Glare Polarized LED Ring LightFeatures:The Ture L light source is a circular lamp with adjustable polarization with an adjustable polarizer to reduce glare and reflection during microscopyThe light source consists of 40 LED beads with high chromaticity and excellent ..
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LED Round Light  for Microscope With Out Dust Proof
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Brand: Sktelecom Model: HS-125
Features:Embedded installation design is more space-saving.Aluminum gold appearance, beautiful, more technological sense.Round-shaped lampshade for evener transmission of light.USB power port, simple and practical.Package includes:1 x LED Light1 x USB Power Cable..
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MECHANIC D75S-B11 7X-5.0X HD OPTICA BINOCULAR STEREO MICROSCOPE FOR PCB MOTHERBOARD INSPECTION.Features:7X-50X zoom magnification power with crisp sharp imagesWidefield of view* Sturdy all-metal pillar standHigh resolution with great flatness and contrast, giving sharp and clear imagesSharp stereo e..
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